We're Excited to Announce our Exclusive, 2-Hr 'Hog' Workshop

Learn How To Develop Balance, Increase Core Strength, and Improve Your Posture.

Help You Feel Fantastic In Just 10 Minutes a Day!

'The Hog' is like using a Bosu and a Foam Roller all at once

In This Exclusive 'Hog' Workshop You Will Learn How to

Use This Versatile Piece of Kit to Help

You Erase the Signs of Ageing

and Begin to Ease Chronic Pain

'How do I get one of these?!?' -

Every single one of Jill's Private Clients who've used 'The Hog'

Benefits of Using 'The Hog'

  • Combines Strength and Flexibility - Multi-functional stretcher for core abdominal workouts, spinal and general stretching and strengthening exercises.

  • Improves Functional Strength – Using instability increases activation of the core muscles

  • Compact and Portable – Easy to store and very light to carry

  • Fun and Versatile Workouts – Combining the instability of a 'Bosu' and the trigger point release of a Foam Roller

  • Helps to reduce stress - eases muscle tension and by using the correct breathing techniques reduces stress and improves sleep

  • Great for Joint Health - As the exercises are low impact you will strengthen your connective tissues throughout the joints without placing them under undue stress.

  • Improved chronic back pain - improves mobility of the spine and increase core strength

  • Simplicity – the exercises are simple, the workouts are straightforward and you only need one piece of equipment

  • Great for Posture - improves spine mobility and strengthens deep postural muscles

  • Relieves stiff and painful feet - improves blood flow into the feet and lower leg via the trigger point pyramid nodules

Jill and Her Kettlebell

Regular use of 'The Hog' can help to ease muscle tension reduce pain and muscle soreness. Massaging the muscles increases blood flow and oxygen to the tissue, helping the natural healing process. 

Dan and His Kettlebell

'The Hog' will also improve balance, co-ordination and increase strength. With activation through the deep core muscles your posture will improve and you'll feel stronger and more balanced.

About the Workshop

This exclusive workshop will show you EXACTLY how to use the 'The Hog' for a fully comprehensive workout including balance, functional strength, core strength, flexibility, stretching and trigger point massage.

You will be given full instruction during the workshop, and will leave with a full program and access to videos after the event so that you can continue your practice at home.

With highly experienced trainers Dan (CHEK - Exercise Coach) and Jill (CHEK - Exercise Coach) you'll be able to ask questions and learn how to use this piece of kit to its full advantage.

All ability levels are welcome.


Additional Online Support:

Often, when you go to these workshops you're full of enthusiam, but when you go back to your notes 2 weeks later you can't make head nor tail of them??

Not with us!

Not only will you get a great 2-hour workshop, but you'll also get access to full instructional videos and a bonus HIIT workout for you to use when you get home.

- Full written program and guide from the day

- Video tutorials of the exercises covered with a bonus 'Hog' workout for you to follow at home.


The workshop will be held at 'Organic Pilates Studio' in Langley Park, DH79XE. Tucked away behind the Old Co-op, on Front St. On street parking.


5th July 2020, 10-12pm


The Cost for the Workshop which will include all the instructional videos and a full written program is £69 - this price includes your own 'Hog' (RRP £20) to take home.


You will receive your own 'Hog' as part of the workshop price.


There are limited spaces available.

To book your space please click the abovePaypal Link to secure your space today

Kettlebell Workshop Photo